Succeed Scholarship Program is a Success


(Little Rock, Ark. – September 27, 2017)  The Reform Alliance announces that 93 percent of available Succeed Scholarship Program spaces for the 2017- 2018 school year have been filled in the first month. The Succeed Scholarship Program, passed during the 2015 Legislative Session, allows a public school student with an Individualized Education Program to apply for up to $6,713 in scholarship funds to attend a private school that may be more suited to meet the student’s needs. There is a waiver that private school students can get signed by their resident superintendent to bypass the public school requirement. Over 37 percent of the eligible private schools participated in the first 12 months of the program. This increase allowed more children to have an opportunity to access educational opportunities that best fit their needs.


According to Valerie Pruitt, executive director of The Reform Alliance, there are more than 50 children on the waiting list who are not qualified for this specific program because of the Individualized Education Program. “These parents are also looking for educational options and should have freedom to pursue those educational opportunities that are best-suited to their child’s individual learning styles, talents and aspirations. High-quality educational opportunities should be available to all students, regardless of zip code or income.”


As the new executive director of The Reform Alliance, Pruitt comes with more than 15 years of experience working with nonprofits.  A long-standing advocate for educational opportunities, she is dedicated to supporting educational freedom for all children in the state of Arkansas.


“I have seen firsthand how educational opportunities make a difference in a child’s education. My three children and I are products of traditional public schools. Three of my grandchildren experienced traditional public schools and public charter. One is now attending private school, and three are being homeschooled. Parents should have the right to decide what options are best for their child when it comes to education. I’m excited to be on the frontline working to help raise awareness and helping to expand educational opportunities in the state of Arkansas to all children.”


The Reform Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting school choice opportunities for all students in the state of Arkansas.