LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (May 19, 2021) – Today Gov. Asa Hutchinson officially marked the signing of Act 904, which created the Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids Program, with supporters.
In April, the Arkansas General Assembly passed legislation for the tax credit scholarship program for K-12 students. Hutchinson signed the bill into law April 26 and met with supporters at the Capitol today.  
“We are just so glad to be able to offer this opportunity for students that have a need for a different education option,” said Rep. Ken Bragg, the bill’s primary sponsor. “I appreciate everyone that helped work on this bill to get it passed.”
The program will provide funding for private school tuition for approximately 250 K-12 students whose families would normally not be able to afford the option. 
“Most people recognize that there is a significant achievement gap between students from higher income families and lower income families,” said The Reform Alliance’s Managing Director Emmy Henley. “This is an essential step to giving students from lower income families equal access to resources that could help bridge the gap.”
Arkansas is the 20th state to enact a tax credit scholarship program, and supporters are excited about the opportunity this creates for families with students whose needs are not being met in the traditional public school system.
“This program will not mean the end of public education,” said Sen. Jonathan Dismang, the bill’s lead sponsor. “However, it does mark the beginning for 250 families. Experiences matter; situations matter; opportunities matter.” 
ABOUT THE REFORM ALLIANCE: The Reform Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring every K-12 student in Arkansas has equal access to a world-class education. The Reform Alliance is proud to manage the Succeed Scholarship at no cost to the State of Arkansas. Even small expenses like the cost of mailing checks to schools are paid for by a private foundation grant. Free educational resources and more information about The Reform Alliance are available at