Rachel Hubbard started her career as a first grade teacher in a public school district. She quickly learned that her heart held a special place for the children who struggled the most – from behavioral problems to academic challenges, she became passionate about serving children who were struggling. That passion lead her to Second Chance Youth Ranch, a foster care ministry in central Arkansas. After just six months of marriage, Rachel and her husband Billy moved to Second Chance Youth Ranch to become foster parents to seven teenage girls. After 5 years of parenting those girls, they moved into their current role as directors of the ranch. Since the beginning of their service at the ranch in 2006, Rachel and her husband have helped raise hundreds of children and teenagers who have experienced heartbreaking trauma. Rachel uses that experience to serve as coach and trainer to foster parents, adoptive parents, teachers, counselors, and juvenile detention workers. She continues directly serving Arkansas’s most vulnerable population through her work at Second Chance Youth Ranch while also traveling the state to provide training and inspiration to others involved in the fight for these children.

Foster care students benefit from education options

School options are helpful to those in foster care

Published by Talk Business and Politics June 5, 2021