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Our youngest daughter, Katie, struggled for four years in the public school system. Katie needs individual attention in order to grasp new concepts – but she is completely capable of learning!! However, the intensive one-on-one attention that she needed was just not available in the public school setting. As the work became harder and she was not able to get the assistance she needed, her behavior – both at school and at home – became a huge problem. We lost our sweet happy daughter and instead had a child who started to hate school, who was constantly unhappy and in trouble, and we watched her self-esteem disappear.

Since moving Katie to a school specifically geared towards children with developmental and learning disabilities (Compass Academy), she has THRIVED. She brought her work home last Friday and actually sang and danced as she showed us all of her work where she had gotten A+’s!! Her confidence is back, her smile is back, and she is learning again!!

This would not be possible without the Succeed Scholarship. Katie is the youngest of four children. We have one in college. Paying private school tuition isn’t an option for us. But because of the Succeed Scholarship, she will get the education she deserves.

We are strong supporters of the public school system. Our older three children did well in public school. We tried it with Katie. But there are children that just need a different setting. This scholarship makes this possible.

Please please please do not take away this program. It makes such a difference to the families that are a part of it.

– Beth, parent

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