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My son, Drake is 17 and has multiple disabilities. He spent his elementary school years in the public school where he was constantly teased and made fun of for his stuttering and not knowing how to do certain things. The teasing just got worse the older he got. Drake had wonderful special Ed teachers but he was still not learning nearly as much as he does now at Easterseals Academy at Riverdale. It’s amazing how much he is learning now at the academy and how much more confident he is in himself. He no longer comes home crying because he was teased all day at school or upset because the work was too hard. He feels like a leader now and feels good about himself. I honestly don’t know if I’d be able to pay the tuition without the Succeed Scholarship. It has changed our lives and most importantly my special boys life. We would be heart broken if we lost the scholarship and Drake had to return back to the public schools.

– Kristy, parent

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