Faces of Freedom - Eli subhead

My son, Eli is an 11 year old who has Down Syndrome. The last several years have been frustrating for us as parents to see Eli’s educational growth come to a near stand still. Eli hated school and fussed each day about having to go. He was considered a problem child at the local public school.

Last year, Eli was promoted to the elementary school in our town. On the third day of attending this new school, we were called by Eli’s teachers and told he could not stay in their classroom. At the IEP meeting a few weeks later, the principal of the school began the meeting by declaring, “We all know that Eli is a challenge and presents so many problems.” As parents, we didn’t know what to do. Then we found out about the Succeed Scholarship that would allow Eli to attend Access Academy.

Now Eli loves school. He wakes up early and waits in the car until we are ready to drive him the 35 minutes to his school. He is learning again and receiving the therapies the public school had quit offering him. We could never have afforded this wonderful opportunity for Eli without the Success Scholarahip.

– Reid, parent

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