Faces of Freedom - Elliot

We have received word that it has been asked of you to defund the Succeed Scholarship program. I wanted to share what this scholarship has done for our family. Our daughter, Elliot (7 years old), was born 2 months premature and while she was in the NICU at UAMS/Arkansas Children’s Hospital, she suffered a significant brain injury. Doctors told us she may never walk or see. We have worked very hard with several opportunities given in our state to overcome the obstacles she has faced. My husband and I have taken turns with our careers to be able to drive Elliot to and from therapies and doctor appointments and be available during emergencies. After her lengthy NICU stay, she developed epilepsy which added to our list. The type of seizures she has requires medication within minutes or else she may never recover from the seizure or worse never recover her life. The small, private school she attends is able to provide the extra needs required to help her have a functional day and feel included with her classmates. While we are confident that our public school system is great with special needs children, we know that a smaller classroom with more one on one connection is needed for Elliot. This school is able to provide that for her.

We have been thankful to have this opportunity for her to be in a small classroom setting and flexibility to navigate school with these challenges. The financial burden is already stressful and with our COVID situation along with any unforeseen crisis, we ask that you please consider the families who need this burden lifted. Small school choice is so important for children with special needs. Thank you for being supportive of this choice we have and we pray you continue to support this need.

– Allison, parent

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