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Our family is grateful for the amazing Succeed Scholarship. Our son John Paul was diagnosed at 18 months with autism. He began public school in the Ft. Sam Houston Independent School District. This changed to Pulaski County Special School District when we returned to our Mabelvale home. The public schools in our area could not offer JP the educational needs he received at his previous public school.

With autism, JP needed a place he felt calm, secure, and safe; an environment that could help him reach his intellectual potential while understanding his differences. We are fortunate to find that learning environment at St. Theresa Catholic School. With a small school population, a very tight “family” setting among students, family, and staff, and the ability for his special needs to be met, STS is where JP is thriving. Taking him from this type environment would be harmful both mentally and somatically, which in turn would harm him academically.

The Succeed Scholarship allows our son the opportunities to pursue his dreams. He has his eyes on the military, NASA, engineering, and computer science. He loves science and history. He’s an avid reader. From a parent view, JP is also a child whom we thought might never speak and would never read or write. His classroom and school setting are paramount in reaching his goals, the Succeed Scholarship allows him this educational experience.

– Rose Mary and Bryan, parents

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