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I would like to share how valuable the Succeed Scholarship has been to our family. Kelley has been attending Access since 2017 and having the Succeed Scholarship has alleviated some of the financial burden. Having a child with special needs can be financially draining. Our daughter has had brain surgery twice and is awaiting a third in October. Kelley being able to attend Access has been a blessing because we have not worried about her missing school and having gaps in her education. They work well individualizing her educational needs.

The model of learning at Access is top-notch! The team of therapists and teacher work closely together to help each student reach their greatest potential in/ out of the classroom. With Kelley going to school year round this alleviates the stress/ concerns of regression educationally. This consistency is so important for our Kelley. She is able to get her 10 hours of weekly therapy year round.

With Kelley’s hemiparesis having PT year round allows her the opportunity to build on her strength and progress. I can’t imagine how much weaker she would become if she didn’t have year round PT.

Kelley has so many challenges in her daily life. One challenge I don’t have to worry about is that she is safe, loved, happy and challenged! That is worth so much! With the Succeed Scholarship you aren’t just investing in a child but a family! When you better a special needs child’s life you better the family’s life too!

We have become a more independent, happy and THRIVING family because of the support we have received! Thank you doesn’t seem adequate but will have to do! THANK YOU!

– Kacy, parent

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