Faces of Freedom - Micah

Our son, Micah, is now attending Access School, thanks to a Succeed Scholarship. He has multiple special learning needs — including Apraxia of Speech and dyslexia — and he struggled mightily last year in public school (our first year in Arkansas). The Succeed Scholarship makes it financially possible for Micah to be in a learning environment where his unique strengths and challenges are recognized and he receives the comprehensive support he needs to reach his potential. We are very grateful for this assistance and for the chance for him to be part of a school with an established reputation for providing the highest quality of education and all-around support for kids and young people with special and diverse learning needs.

We are also supporters of public schools and have no desire to pit support for the Succeed Scholarship, which provides valuable help in specific situations, against providing solid funding for our vital system of public schools.

– Adam, parent

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