Faces of Freedom - Ryan

The ‘Succeed Scholarship’ has helped our son Ryan leaps and bounds where he might not have had the opportunity to grow. He has learned to write, speak, and walk within one year at Success. He was born premature and endures debilitating cerebral palsy, and brain damage. My wife and I save every dollar we can, work extra hours, take odd jobs just to help pay for what the scholarship doesn’t cover. He must continue to receive a scholarship to get the incredible one on one help he needs from Success Academy. Without the ‘Succeed Scholarship’ we would never be able to pay to help Ryan to advance to the best most productive citizen he could grow up to be. With so many medical bills, and procedures he endures…….. it financially cripples us. The young, and the disabled are in the most need of your help. Thank you. Praise GOD.

– John, parent

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