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My name is Laura Kent. My son, Taylor, suffers with Autism, anxiety, SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), and GI Issues. He is 13 years old. We tried public school up to fourth grade. While Taylor managed to succeed, it was more passing, so he didn’t “fall through the cracks”. The public school just could not support Taylor’s needs as much as necessary.

We were granted the Succeed Scholarship to send Taylor to a private school and help with tuition. If it weren’t for the Succeed Scholarship, Taylor would not be doing as well as he is. We visited many schools and found the perfect one to best meet his needs.

Access Academy is a wonderful place and helps Taylor succeed at his level. He continues to grow socially and academically. He receives OT, PT, Speech, and counseling at the school. With everything being provided at the school, by specialists who are more than certified to meet his needs, Taylor doesn’t do anything but soar.

It was the best move we ever did for him, but we seriously could not provide the type of services and education without the help of the Succeed Scholarship. We just simply couldn’t afford it.

Not being able to give our child the best in his early elementary days was very difficult. We knew Access existed. We called to get a tour and see what options were available. It was everything our son needed. When it came down to the cost, we couldn’t provide for him what he needed most from us. It was extremely heartbreaking for us to know a place exists, but we cannot send our child there because we can’t afford it.

When the Succeed Scholarship came out, we jumped on that opportunity. No longer was the limit of funds an issue. No longer would we prevent our son from getting the services he needed in an environment that understood his needs completely. As soon as he was accepted, we immediately pulled him out of public school and into Access. He has been soaring sense. He loves going to school. He loves his people. He loves the environment.

He no longer gets bullied by typical children. He no longer gets left behind academically. He no longer has to have an aid in the public school who doesn’t have the training nor the patience to help him best.

I beg you to please not do away with the Succeed Scholarship. It hurts my heart to think that anyone would attack such a wonderful service. The Reform Alliance has made success happen for people with special needs in a way that no other could.

We support the Succeed Scholarship, and we stand with the Reform Alliance.

– Laura, parent

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