Faces of Freedom - Miles'

After six months of trying to work with our public school district to transition our son from developmental pre-k to kindergarten, our son was denied an IEP. The school disregarded all of our concerns related to our sons disability, ignored all previous evaluations, and refused to provide any supports for our son. After learning of several IDEA violations and denial of FAPE, we had no choice but to pull our son from the district.

Without the Succeed Scholarship, we would not have had anywhere to send our son for kindergarten. Thankfully, we received the Succeed Scholarship and were able to enroll in a school that provided a safe and appropriate learning environment for our son.

He is thriving at school! In just a few weeks he has started to read sight words and sound out words. After having such a hostile environment with the public school district, it was so relieving to find a school that cared about our son and wanted to work with us to find the best solutions for our son. And it was the Succeed Scholarship that allowed him to attend the school that actually cares about exceptional students.

– Miles, parent

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