Faces of Freedom - Lorie's son

The Succeed Scholarship has certainly been a huge blessing to our family. It has given our child the opportunity to go to a special school for children with learning and physical disabilities. This special school addresses his special needs academically, socially and educates him with daily life skills. What a difference it has made in him and what a calm, reassuring feeling we have with him attending this school, knowing he is getting the skills he needs to do the best he can in life.

Our school was much needed in our area. We have grown each year. (Even attracting out of state families). These schools are much needed. Being able to receive the Succeed Scholarship helps relieve financial stress and without the scholarships many families would not be able to let their child attended such schools that best fits their child’s special needs.

Personally, we never realized that schools for special needs children were needed until our second son was in need.

Succeed Scholarships make it possible for parents to give their special children a wonderful opportunity of succeeding.

– Lorie, parent

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