Faces of Freedom - Max

The Succeed Scholarship has had a huge impact on our family and has truly been an amazing opportunity to have been chosen for. Without this grant it is very probable that our son, Max, who has learning disabilities, would not be able to attend his current private school that we have come to know and love.

Christ the King is an amazing school with a much smaller student to teacher ratio versus Max having to go to the Fort Smith Public School System. The smaller classroom count is vital in Max having a better learning experience. It can be very hard for him to focus and with a larger classroom count comes more distractions. Christ the King also uses a state approved reading program for children with Dyslexia whereas FSPS does not.

These are just a couple examples of why it is so consequential for the Arkansas Succeed Scholarship to remain, so children like my son, Max, can get the education they deserve, based on their needs, without finances holding them back. This grant has been such a blessing to our family and I pray that it continues to bless many more families to come.

– Alyssa, parent

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