Faces of Freedom - Moss

The public school system failed my son. Moss is ADHD and requires extra attention in some areas. The day before school was letting out of my son’s 4th grade year we found out he was testing on a 2nd grade math level. Not once were we notified that there was a problem (not even on report cards). No homework was ever sent home, and at parent/teacher conferences we were told he was fine. He was just pushed through year after year where he got more and more behind. Their solution? Send him to the 5th grade!

We knew something had to change. We found the Academy of Excellence, and they assured us that they could give Moss the extra attention he needed, and that’s just what they did. He has finally been able to catch up. If it wasn’t for the Succeed Scholarship, Moss would not be able to go to the Academy. He would still be behind in public school and he may never have caught up. Please don’t do away with this scholarship; it makes such a difference in my son’s life.

– Caley, parent

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