Faces of Freedom - Asa

My son Asa is a recipient of the Succeed Scholarship. The Succeed Scholarship has allowed us the opportunity to put him in a private school that can meet his needs on a level that our local public school could not. My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and other issues, but is incredibly intelligent. Our zoned elementary school failed him miserably, and I felt completely lost at what to do. Then, our therapist recommended we apply for the Succeed Scholarship … and it has changed our lives.

The Succeed Scholarship allowed us to truly find the best place for our son, without worrying about how we would pay for it. It gave us peace of mind knowing our son is being cared for daily by people who truly love him and want to see him THRIVE.

Because of this scholarship, my son is a straight A student and still loves school. Because of this scholarship we were able to access a school with small class sizes and individualized plans for helping every child learn and grow!

Please do not defund this scholarship… it has changed our lives and so many other families like ours for the better. Thank you!!!!

– Chalsie, parent

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