Faces of Freedom - Caroline's

Our son was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with autism. Although the public school system offers therapy, there is not a program specifically designed for his specific needs like the program offered at Access Academy. We are so thankful for this scholarship because although we make enough to buy or send a lunch and transportation is not an issue for our family, we would not be able to afford the tuition on our own. It has given us freedom to make the best choice for our child and his special needs. He is 8 now and has made such progress. He is happy and that is the most important to us. I don’t think children can be measured by a single set of standards or that a specific accreditation program is going to be right for everyone. That is what we like about our school is the fact that it is flexible and able to work around what works for the child not how the child performs for that certain program. Thank you for reading our story and please know this family is truly fortunate to have found the best fit for us. Hopefully, this will not go away!

– Caroline, parent

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