Faces of Freedom - Lawson

I am a mother of a son who attends Our Lady of Holy Souls due to the Succeed Scholarship. Without the Succeed Scholarship, my son would not have been afforded the opportunity to attend a select school that accommodates his needs. Lawson is currently receiving speech therapy four times a week and is on an IEP plan.

Being able to choose what school my son attends has given me the satisfaction of knowing that he is receiving not only the best care but the best education plan that fits his plan for learning and succeeding in school. I am a firm believer that these funds are needed for families and single mothers such as myself.

This opportunity has been a blessing to my son as I have seen him come out of his shell, communicate better, and overall excel in his academics. Before receiving this scholarship, my son was struggling in public school because there were not enough resources to accommodate his needs which forced me to seek outside therapy and help. The class ratio at his school before was too big for his learning style, and I felt that he was getting lost in the shuffle and over looked because of his disabilities and challenges that he is faced with on a daily basis.

This scholarship is a life saver and an advocate for all children to receive the best education in select schools that best accommodates their needs. I have never seen him this happy and excited about school. Giving kids the opportunity to be successful is important as they are the future generation of doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, etc.

Playing politics with education is very disheartening when I hear about the funds being jeopardized. I hope that lawmakers can think about the needs of children rather than the selfish acts. Thank you again for this opportunity to be able to share my success story of my future scientist.

– Brittney, parent

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