Faces of Freedom - Morgan

We are Scott and Lindsey Cobb, pre-adoptive parents of Morgan Hover. Morgan came in to foster care two years ago. She was placed in the Bryant school district for one semester. She was lost in a crowd of 700 students, lonely, no friends (sitting by herself everyday at lunch and before and after school), struggling with her classes, etc… She said she was “the weird kid” that nobody noticed.

After that semester, Second Chance Ranch was able to place her in Arkansas Christian Academy because of the Succeed Scholarship. She is thriving. She has a group group of friends; she’s excelling in her classes, and she is co-captain of the cheerleaders. In May, she received The Knight Award for strong character and leadership.

This school has become family for her when she had nothing else. It’s only possible because of this incredible opportunity this scholarship provides for children like her who would have never had a chance to attend a private school. We are so thankful.

– Lindsey, parent

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