Faces of Freedom - Randi's

My son was in public schools from K-2nd grade. He is autistic. The last two years he was in public school he was not advancing although fully capable of advancing. The school did not have the time to provide the assistance he needed given the large classroom size. They would instead just sit him in front of a computer to play all day. When I confronted the school they just wanted to put him in a confined classroom. My son did not belong there.

We were fortunate to receive the scholarship, and my son is back to thriving. He is in a small private school where he is receiving amazing instruction. He has blossomed and done so well. He can beat any classmate in a “math showdown” because of his teacher just recognizing his potential and supporting him. He is in a school that loves and accepts him as he is. They meet him where he is and then help he stretch his abilities even further. He is achieved for his potential more and more every day.

– Randi, parent

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