Faces of Freedom - Tiara's

In 2012 my daughter officially received her diagnosis of apraxia and an intellectual disability while attending a preschool for children with special needs. When it was time to transition from there to “regular” school, the anxiety was high for us all, but we were hopeful that she would thrive.

While we met a few teachers and staff that were helpful, it was evident that the school district was not equipped to educate my specific child and accommodate her needs to thrive. I watched her go from a vibrant little girl who loved school, to one who hated school and often expressed boredom. This was due to being in a classroom surrounded by children whose intellect was beneath hers even with her delays/disabilities. This was the last straw for us.

We were desperate to get her into a private school that we believed would benefit her and our family, but we also knew that we couldn’t afford the tuition on our own. Mid-school year I saw an advertisement for the Succeed Scholarship for Spring 2018 and knew we had to apply in order to get our daughter to a place where she would thrive as a student but — most of all — as a person. After we received the letter that we were approved for the scholarship, we were elated. Along with the scholarship and help from my local church, we were able to get my daughter to her new school.

Within two weeks of attending her new school, I began seeing a brand new little girl get into my car every afternoon. Her teachers and new friends saw something in her that others couldn’t, and they were equipped with the tools to help her to see her fullest potential and reach for it with all of her might. Her teacher’s words to me were this, “There’s way more in her than anyone has ever tried to pull out. But we will get it out of her.”

Here we are, a year and a half later, and not only is my daughter’s speech improved, but her confidence to learn and interact with others has improved tremendously. I attribute a large part of all of this to the Succeed Scholarship. Without it, none of this would have been attainable for my daughter or my family.

– Tiara, parent

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