Faces of Freedom - Emma

Our daughter was really struggling at the elementary level to even grasp the basics of what she was being taught. Even with the IEP assistance, she was falling further behind every year and falling through the cracks in the public school system. We were so fortunate to hear about the Succeed Scholarship and as a result our daughter has been attending Shiloh Christian School (this is her 4th year).

What a difference!! She still struggles because she has learning disabilities, BUT she is doing so much better and she is receiving more one on one help. We know she would never get that much help or support in the public school system. At Shiloh, she is not taking remedial classes, she is enrolled in all the same classes as her peers (Algebra I, Spanish, etc.) and she is performing.

Emma is adopted and has had to overcome so many struggles in life with school and a long list of other things. This scholarship has been a saving grace for her. She has to work so hard, but she is blossoming. I honestly don’t think I would be able to say the same things if we had kept her in public schools. This has made such a huge difference in her life and has changed the course of her life (for the better).

I know there are stories just like Emma’s…kids that are just shuffled around or not given the opportunity to reach their full potential. A lot of kids in public school that struggle academically are just given a free pass or put into easier classes. This scholarship has enabled Emma and others to be challenged, to receive much needed help, to bloom, and to set goals for themselves that they never thought possible. Taking away something like this would be a tragedy.

– Kassi, parent

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