Faces of Freedom - Cole

We are so grateful for the Succeed Scholarship program. Our son Cole, is visually impaired and just started at Catholic High in August as a direct result of qualifying for the Succeed Scholarship.

Cole would have been attending LR Central High, and we know it would have been very difficult for him based on his low vision. The smaller class sizes at Catholic and increased attention will allow him to succeed and reach his goals – one of them becoming a scientist.

With Cole’s vision, he requires adaptive equipment such as magnifiers, cameras and Braille conversion tools that allows him participate in class and complete his assignments. Financially, acquiring the equipment and the cost of tuition would have been difficult for us. The Succeed Scholarship program is the reason Cole is able to attend Catholic High.

Unlike his experiences in middle school, he is up early and excited about going to school. He is a member of the band and plays the French horn. He also signed up to be a member of the Fitness Team and is very excited to be at Catholic High School.

As parents, we knew the class structure and discipline of Catholic was going to be the right place for Cole. Our goal, also, for Cole is to make him independent and allow him to be successful in college, in his work career and more importantly, as a young man and adult. We know Catholic High School is the right place for him.

Ashley and I are truly thankful that a program like the Succeed Scholarship Program is available and are hopeful this will continue for Cole and other families who have benefited from this school option.

Sincere thanks for your funding and continued support of the the Succeed Scholarship Program.

– Cole, Ashley and Greg, family

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