Faces of Freedom - Mary-Ashten

“My daughter would not have been able to attend the only school in the nation that could teach her adequately and that was affordable to me if it wasn’t for the Succeed Scholarship! My daughter was on a third grade math level and a second grade reading level until she began at Access Academy. She has absolutely flourished in every aspect of her life! She was 16 years old on a kindergarten level and about to have to face the world being illiterate, and there was absolutely nothing else I could do for her.

As a parent, I have relocated eight times for my daughters education, and no school — public nor private — could help her reach passed a kindergarten level until I found Access Academy. The first year we moved to Arkansas, her tuition was over $1,000 a month. After Succeed Scholarship, it is now $300. My entire family and friends helped my daughter for a year, and it was financially exhausting. She wouldn’t have been able to attend another year without the scholarship! Especially since I’m a single parent, on disability and attending graduate school college. There was no possible way to keep affording her education.

This scholarship allowed my child another chance at life! Also, it helped her gain confidence in herself she never had since she began third grade. Her self esteem from failing and being in special education classes kept her frustrated and made her feel she couldn’t learn, no matter how much she kept trying. As a parent seeing this for so long led me full of anxiety for my child’s future.

We both had given up, especially since she was over 15 years old and just knew there was no school that could help her catch up since she was so far behind. But, that one last ray of hope made all the difference in her life! I gave it my last shot and told myself as a parent, I am prepared to go anywhere in the United States where God led me for her! Arkansas had one of the best schools just for her and with children with the same learning aspects she had! She didn’t have to feel ostracized!

Thank you Succeed for giving my child a future. Without it, she’d struggle for the rest of her life without a real education for her noted disability of a written and oral expression.

You literally saved her life from struggle and defeat!!!”

– Missy, parent

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