Faces of Freedom - Mills

My son is eighth generation of Jacksons in the small community of Berryville — the first one with autism. He attended public school like his sisters before him but struggled with behaviors and keeping up. The school did what they could to accommodate, but as he got older we knew that is was difficult for him and the school. His speech at the time was very little and in phrases he had memorized. We started at the Grace School in May of 2020, which was a huge drain on our family the drive each day and $18,000 tuition. However, immediately we saw huge changes in Mills. He made friends; his behaviors improved; and the school worked with us to improve them at home too. We had a community of parents just like us!!! It has been over a year now, and Mills and I can have complete conversations. He is sounding out words and typing them. He loves to “work out” on the treadmill at school. In fall of 2021 we got our first Succeed Scholarship, and what a huge help that has been! We have a daughter in college, and my work times are restricted due to Mills care and school, so this made our lives much better. Thank you Reform Alliance for helping Mills be all he can be.

– Missy, parent

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