Faces of Freedom - Fischer

“Fischer is the happiest, sweetest, most laid back child ever. We discovered at an early age, he was going to struggle to hit milestones. He was delayed but not severely. He had no diagnosis besides developmental delay. He attended a developmental preschool and received a ton of therapy. He has gained so much ground but is still not where his peers are. His pre-k teachers told me he was ready for mainstream kindergarten but would definitely benefit from a smaller class size. Unfortunately, that is not an option in our local public schools. The Succeed Scholarship was the answer to our prayers! He is now almost a semester into kindergarten at Christ the King. He is in a class of 14 children with a phenomenal teacher who has been able to work with him and his continued needs. He still has a long way to go, but I am confident he is in the right place to reach his full potential.”

– Susan, parent

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