What is a microschool?

A microschool is a group of 5-10 learners who meet in person, usually in the home of a learning guide.

Prenda microschools currently serve kids from kindergarten to eighth grade. Microschooling gives low-income students the option to receive a quality education in an environment that is safe and effective.


A: 5-10 students will learn together in a “microschool.” Most microschools have a 3 year grade span: K-2nd grade, 3-5th grade, and 6-8th grade.

A: They have proven to be successful in Arizona! We are certainly open to other suggestions, but in working quickly to get this set up here in Arkansas and seeing the success of Prenda, we believe in their model to get our kids learning!

A: Tuition is $100/month. Other variable cost is a guide and student computer. We are working to secure scholarships for families in need to attend at no cost. Training is free to those interested in being guides.

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Becoming a guide is life changing.

As a guide, you inspire, coach and mentor students without worrying about grading papers, lesson plans or being a specialist in any subject. We help passionate, caring adults who want to make a difference start independently run microschools in their communities. We train, support and encourage you every step of the way — but it is your microschool! Use your passion, your creativity and your unique talents to create an environment where kids in your community can thrive.

  • Pass background check
  • Interview with Prenda
  • Complete guide certification (Via Zoom, Takes 2–3 weeks)

  • Teaching certificate not required
  • Content expertise not required
  • Experience with children required

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