Community Engagement Associate

Are you passionate about being a community organizer working to make sure every student in Arkansas has equal access to a world-class, high quality education?

Join us as a community engagement associate in Arkansas to find, train and coach parent leaders so they can advocate effectively for high-quality education that best meets the needs of all children regardless of zip code or economic circumstance.

We seek applicants who want to be community organizers and develop leaders.

Successful organizers must maintain a courteous and professional attitude in dealing with people within and outside of TRA and have to demonstrate behavior and have a reputation that is aligned with the core values of TRA.

The Position

As a TRA Community Engagement Associate in Arkansas, you will work alongside our team members who have decades of experience as community organizers. This is a full-time position with a competitive salary.

Sample “Week-in-the-Life” of a Community Engagement Associate as a community organizer

  • Schedule 1-1 meetings with 10-15 parents a week who are interested in education options that meet the needs of all kids regardless of zip code
  • Build power in the community by coaching and training education leaders to conduct house meetings where parents strategize about how to create positive change
  • Make calls and engage on social media to invite parents to attend an upcoming meeting and schedule 1-1 visits
  • Meet with your supervisor to evaluate your previous parent leader team meeting
  • Schedule a 1-1 with a local nonprofit leader to learn more about their work with families and the changing political environment in local cities
    Maintain a detailed familiarity with assigned communities.

Develop Leaders!

Build relationships: Meet people, listen for self-interest, uncover values
Make judgments: Invite participation, identify potential leadership
Create learning: define situations that test and develop new leadership

Job Responsibilities Include:

➢ Find, recruit, train, challenge, and develop parent leaders
➢ Develop community and issue stakeholder power relationships
➢ Develop and support a local committee where community parents lead
➢ Create and move issue campaigns that produce education reform
➢ Represent TRA at various community events, meetings, and media events which may be out of town and on some evenings, weeknights and weekends
➢ Willingness to work long and flexible hours
➢ Serve as a credible source of knowledge and information to community members
➢ Work collaboratively with organizations providing technical assistance to the effort
➢ Utilize online organizing tools and social media

Qualifications (Required)

➢ A valid driver’s license and reliable, insured vehicle (needed to fulfill job requirements)
➢ Proof of eligibility to work in the United States
➢ Ability to work frequent evening meetings (average 3-4 per week) and some weekends
➢ Baccalaureate degree or equivalent work experience
➢ Work experience in low-income communities
➢ Demonstrated experience in outreach or advocacy work (paid or voluntary)
➢ Demonstrated ability to build strong relationships with diverse stakeholders and communities
➢ Ability to write and speak clearly and persuasively, including speaking in small and large group settings
➢ Strong strategic thinking skills and an ability to analyze policies and institutions
➢ Experience with and sensitivity to multicultural work environments
➢ Willingness to work as a member of and contribute to a team in a dynamic, learning environment
➢ Passion for creating more high-quality school options for working families
➢ Eagerness to learn and apply TRA’s approach to community outreach

Qualifications (Preferred)

➢ Two to five years of outreach or community development experience
➢ Understanding of the education reform landscape
➢ Academic or experiential knowledge related to building social capital and political power in low-income and multilingual communities
➢ Skills as a trainer with specialized knowledge in grassroots leadership development,, public policy development, and/or p
➢ Skills as a trainer with specialized knowledge in grassroots leadership development, political context, public policy development, and/or public education
➢ Experience developing and supporting public policy solutions to local or regional problems
➢ Experience working with diverse communities
➢ Proficient in Spanish

The Exceptional Community Engagement Candidate Will Possess These Qualities:

Authenticity: Honest; self-confident and inspires confidence
Curiosity: Inquisitive; sees patterns, questions and examines everything
Imagination: Vision; Ability to see what does not exist; conceive broader meaning
Sense of Humor: Observant; recognizes the absurd; sees contradictions
Organized: Conscientious; thorough in thought in action, consistently reliable
Learning: Investigates; open to new ideas and different points of view