Education Options in Arkansas

Virtual Schools

Deliver education to K-12 students in their home via the internet. Public virtual options are tuition-free to students. Virtual private schools are also available.


A microschool is a flexible and individualized environment usually serving the needs of students from multiple families.

Private Schools

Charge tuition and have a detailed admissions process. Opportunities such as the Succeed Scholarship and ACE Scholarships are available to help offset private school costs for K-12 students.


Allows for parents or guardians to educate K-12 students in the home. Co-ops, extracurricular leagues and other collaboration is sometimes practiced.

Public Schools

Public Schools run on tax dollars and are free to K-12 students. The types of public school are traditional, magnet and charter. All offer general education opportunities to K-12 students.

Intra-District Transfer

  • Allows a student to transfer to a school within their resident school district
  • Deadline is May 1st (Application)

Inter-District Transfer 

  • Allows students to transfer to a school outside their resident district
  • Deadline is May 1st (Application)
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