Below we've compiled information from both the Arkansas Department of Ed. as well as the University of Arkansas so that the families of Arkansas can easily access information about their schools and districts!  





Batesville, AR

This community initially showed interest in the community/school engagement framework. After multiple conversations, they became unresponsive. We have had no success in our attempts to re-engage them in this work. Our team has attended multiple community events such as Beneath the Willow but we are still in the process of building relationships to begin the community work. We are still working to gain a trusted ally.

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Blytheville, AR

Blytheville expressed interest in discussing bringing our engagement framework to their community. Since initial contact, our point of contact has been unresponsive to communications to begin facilitating a school/community engagement strategy. There is a strong relationship with KIPP Blytheville, where we held a NSCW event in 2018 with the Blytheville Chamber of Commerce. Executive Director, Liz Smith, was one of the featured speakers. We are also working to expand the Tim Tebow law to apply to the charter school students.

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Cabot, AR

We have reached out to this community multiple times, in multiple ways over the past year and they continue to be unresponsive to facilitating a school/community engagement strategy. Our team has attended multiple community events such as Cabot Fest and a Trunk or Treat but we are still in the process of building relationships to begin the community work.We will continue to work with organizations and contacts there to gain trust. Our relationship with their state representative was strengthened during the legislative session and we expect it to continue to grow.

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Clinton, AR

Initially, Clinton committed to moving forward and held their advisory board training in early July 2018. The next step was to develop a strategic plan. Unfortunately, a key leader had a serious health issue and had to step away for the majority of the school year. Interim leadership stepped in to “keep things afloat” in her absence but no significant gains took place. The coordinator is now back and is proceeding with facilitating the development of a strategic plan. There will be a new district Superintendent beginning July 1, 2019. The great news is that the new Superintendent is already familiar with the community and the community/school engagement framework and is very supportive and excited about implementation in the coming year. Our team is working on building relationships within the community by attending events such as Scare on the Square.

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Forrest City, AR

We have reached out to this community multiple times, in multiple ways over the past two years and they continue to be unresponsive to facilitating a school/community engagement strategy. The team has partnered with JB Fireballers and Children with Voices during a Christmas event for underprivileged children “12 Days of Christmas”. Our relationship with the contact for Children with Voices, Dorothy, opened the door for us to work together in order to get Calvary Christian to participate in the Succeed Scholarship Program. We will continue to support and promote those in the community working with children.

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Little Rock, AR

Despite the changes in leadership of the community/school partnership this past year, Little Rock has experienced wins and made great progress. We have seen an increase in the number of business partners, as well as the level of engagement in existing partnerships. There have been NSCW events at the Arkansas State Capitol for the past 3 years with thousands of attendees annually. The first annual Student Focused, Teacher Led conference was September 2018. We partnered with Arkansas Department of Education, Arkansas State Teachers Association, and AdvancEd. We also had the opportunity to partner with the AFP Foundation in a Tailgate for Education event at a Boys & Girls Club in Little Rock. Our team attends and cosponsor events with groups such as: Our House, ACE Scholarships, Arkansas Autism Foundation, Baseline Bilingual School, 100 Black Men of Greater Little Rock, Friendship Aspire Academy, and many more. There are currently 10 approved schools in Little Rock participating in the Succeed Scholarship. We have parent partners working with us for the approval of Baptist Preparatory Academy and continue to stay in touch with other eligible schools for further expansion.

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Pine Bluff, AR

Working with CEO of Go Forward Pine Bluff, We had extensive conversations and shared engagement framework with him. After reviewing information, he stated that he was not interested in moving forward with the school/community partnership framework. We have also reached out to the Superintendent of Schools on several occasions and had no response. We have partnered with Friendship Aspire Academy and BRAVE of Pine Bluff for events during National School Choice Week. We participate annually in the BRAVE backpack giveaway and have worked on OpEds and TTH with the group. Our relationship with University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Interim Dean Pamela Russ was a huge asset during our SFTL 2018 event where she participated as a breakout session speaker. Many NGO leaders in this area are watching as we continue to build relational equity with our friends.

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Springdale, AR

Navigating the political scene is the biggest challenge we currently face in Springdale. Overall, the partnership between the schools and the community is very disjointed. Springdale has some strengths in given areas, but also very weak in others. We have identified a community champion within the school system. We are currently working with her to develop a go-forward strategy to implement the framework district wide. National School Choice Week 2019 began with events in Springdale with over 2000 attendees. We partnered with RootEd and School Choice Arkansas to bring educational options to the community. Private schools, public schools, charter schools, tutoring services and many more organizations were in attendance giving out information to parents. We reached out to all surrounding areas as well as specifically targeting the Latino community with help from RootEd Executive Director, Judith Yanez, who provided all translations.

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Star City, AR

This community is currently selecting their advisory board and have scheduled advisory board training for late May. Their plan is to roll out the school/community engagement effort in July and with full engagement taking place in the 2019 – 20 school year. We have begun a relationship with the Star City Police Department in order to get involved in the community work. We were able to visit them during our 2019 NSCW Tour.

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West Fork, AR

West Fork has developed a strategic plan to address the significant percentage of students reading below grade level. The community made this a priority, implementing it as a piece of their strategic plan. The creation of a community led tutoring/mentorship program, they manage that is continuing to grow and strengthen, is a great example of community ownership. Data is being collected on the amount of hours invested and the impact of the investment with the children involved with the program. This community continues to move forward and work their plan.


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