Arkansas currently has two programs that give families additional education options!Click here for more details

Choice in Arkansas

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The Arkansas Children’s Educational Freedom Account (EFA) Program provides funding for eligible students to meet specific education expenses, including private school tuition, fees, uniforms and other expenses required by the school. Eligible students in 2023-24 include those on the Succeed Scholarship Program in 2022-23, students with disabilities, those who are or ever have been in foster care, students of active duty military, students entering kindergarten for the first time, students of F-ranked schools and students at school rated Level 5- Intensive Support by the Arkansas Department of Education.

EFA Eligibility 2024-25

The Philanthropic Investment in Arkansas Kids Program provides funding for eligible students to attend private schools. Students are eligible for the program if the family's income is less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.Students who enroll in the EFA program with disabilities (details above) can also still qualify for the PIAK based on household income and receive the benefits of BOTH programs!

PIAK Eligibility

If you have any questions about the program or would like more information, please contact our office at or (501) 244-9028.