Thank you for participating in the Succeed Scholarship Program! Below we have outlined the process in which payments will be made for your school’s participating students:

  • Please invoice monthly to
  • Be sure to include student’s name and description of charges
  • Payments will be made evenly over 10 months: for $671.30 or your tuition and fees, whichever is less, with a cap of $6,713.00 per student
  • The check will be written to the parent but mailed to your school with the transmittal form (see sample below) that will need to be signed by both the school and the parent
  • Please return transmittal form to TRA within 5 days of receipt
  • Have the parent come in and endorse the check to the school in order to receive the scholarship payment
  • If tuition and fees are not covered by the SSP monthly payment, the parent will be responsible for the remainder

NOTE: Once a student is approved, we must wait 60 days to make the first payment but payments will be made retroactive by semesters