Our Mission
The Reform Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring every Arkansas student has equal access to a quality education. We understand that each child has individual needs, so we strive to raise public awareness of all educational options for every family. Our team is committed to assisting Arkansas families with finding the best option for their child. In addition, we are proud to partner with the Arkansas Department of Education to promote and assist in the implementation of the Succeed Scholarship Program.

Meet Our Executive Director!

Valerie Pruitt has over 15 years experience working with nonprofits such as: the Watershed Agency, Pulaski County Services, New Futures for Youth, and the Argenta Community Development Corporation. She has over 15 years experience in marketing and public affairs having worked at Comcast as public affairs director and station manager of the company’s public access television station. While at Comcast, Valerie was host of “InDepth,” a weekly 30 minute show that focused on local, state and national issues as well as community events.

Active in the community and life long member of St. Mark Baptist Church, she serves on various boards and committees of several non profits. Valerie is the proud mother of 3 adult children and grandmother to 8 wonderful grandchildren.

Valerie says she took on the job as Executive Director of The Reform Alliance because she has been an advocate for school choice for as long as she can remember and is dedicated to supporting school choice opportunities for all children in the state of Arkansas.

“I have seen first hand how school choice can make a difference in a child’s education. My children and I are the product of traditional public schools. Three of my grandchildren experienced traditional public schools and public charter. One is now attending private school, and three are being home schooled. Parents should have the right to decide what options are best for their child when it comes to education. I’m excited to be on the frontline working to help raise public awareness and helping to expand school choice options in the state of Arkansas to all children.”